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Recycling Center

Recycling Center
We care a lot about the environment and want to create ‘environmental awareness’ in our village. 
Next to our ‘Learning Center’, we are building the first ‘Plastic Recycling Center’ in Kuta, Lombok. This is a great project for the whole community of our village, where our children and their parents can be involved. We can recycle most forms of plastic. We already have a machine to shred the plastics, a big industrial oven to melt plastic and also a custom machine, which injects the melted plastic into any moulds we choose.
Our aim is to teach environmental awareness to our community, through action and not just theory.  We try to recycle as much plastic from our village as possible, even though, in the end, it is not about the quantity we recycle, but rather the quality of the engagement process for the community. 
Plastic gets collected, before it gets thrown on the ground, in the river or burned at the side of the road.  By showing a full circle of a recycling process where the community can get involved we hope to bring some positive change and create awareness to the plastic pollution we are facing here every day.  Our Plastic recycling Centre is based on the great concept of “Precious Plastic” from Holland

If you would like to have more information about how our Plastic Recycling Center works, check out the following link:

Can I do a plastic recycling workshop?
Yes! Please write us a short email or WhatsApp message so we know you are coming. 
Workshops only happen if we have a minimum of 3 people to participate (max. 8 people)
Please don’t just walk in as we don’t want the classes in our learning centre to get disturbed and we want to make sure our workshop host is there for you. If Friday does not work for you can also visit us by appointment. Just contact us.
In the workshop you will learn and see how our recycling centre works, what products we make and you can a make a product yourself! You will leave the workshop with new knowledge about plastic recycling and with a self-made recycled product.  A perfect gift to bring home J
For the workshop we kindly ask you for a 50-100k donation. The donation is 100% used to keep our recycling centre and environmental awareness projects running.