Thank you for considering to donate and support our foundation
You can donate via bank transfer to our German bank account or Paypal. If you don’t have a German or European Bank account it is best to send donations via Paypal to avoid higher transaction fees.
Every donation counts!
We look forward to any financial support. Remember, even a small donation can make a big difference.

Donation Receipt

We can issue donation receipts for one-time donations above 50 Euro. Please fill out the Donation receipt form.
For donators who donate to us monthly we can issue a donation receipt if the total donation per calendar year is above 50 Euros. You will receive you donation invoice in January of the following year.
PLEASE NOTE: The donation receipt is only available in German. If you are not from Germany please ask your tax consultant if the receipt is accepted.

Help from all over the World

This website is the best example for how you can help from all over the globe. This website was donated by from Germany. If you have any skills you could offer, please let us know.
Maybe you are a graphic designer and can do some posters or you work for TV/Radio/newspaper or you are an influencer and can spread our mission and help us reach more people. 

Volunteer vor Ort

Yes you can! We aim to have always 1 volunteer for our education centre and one person for our recycling centre. If you love kids, and /or are interested in our recycling centre or just looking for a great adventure in South Lombok, under palm trees and with great surf conditions than contact us.
But you need to:
- be above 18 Years
- have 3-6 months time (Sorry we cant offer a volunteer position for less than 3 months!!!)
- be able to cover your costs (Visa, food, transport) while helping at our foundation (basic accommodation is provided)
- help for 5 hours / 5 days a week
Keen? Please write an email to
infboto@batubambotbu-botkidbots.obotrg with subject VOLUNTEER

We can welcome the next volunteer in August 2021.

Current projects

Your help counts

We are a non-profit organisation. 100% of donations go to where they are needed. We need around 600 euros per month to pay our teachers, to buy materials for the lessons, to cover additional costs and to finance our recycling center.

Children who visit our Learning Center

Next month we need the following amount for our project
620 €